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Satay G is the culmination of a lifelong passion for Malaysian cuisine, brought to life with fresh Australia ingredients to deliver authentic, tantalising flavours. As a producer of Singaporean and Malaysian sauces and marinades, Satay G stands out from the crowd with a unique and unrivalled range of exceptional quality and flavours, making it the ultimate Australian Malaysian experience. Unlike other sauces, Satay G's products are fresh and refrigerated, a testament to their commitment to nourishing Australian families with healthier and more sustainable options for their everyday cooking. 

It all began with Nathan and Sutha's desire to share their love of food, handed down through generations of family cooks. While traditional Malaysian cuisine is known for its bold flavours and spices, some ingredients can be unhealthy. So Nathan and Sutha set out to revolutionise these recipes with a healthier, more sustainable twist which understands the challenge of preparing healthy and  convenient home cooked meals.

Their passion for Asian cuisine led them to showcase their products at markets around Sydney, offering nothing but the highest quality in produce. After numerous successful demos, Satay G's signature satay sauce is now stocked in all Harris Farm Markets and select stores including Martelli's in Cherrybrook. And, with the constant development of quick and easy meals, it's worth following them on Facebook to stay connected to authentic Southeast Asian flavours!

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