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Satay G is the offspring of a lifetime passion for Malaysian cuisine. Using only fresh Australian ingredients to develop tantalising authentic Malaysian flavours.​

Satay G Creative Street Food is an Australian based producer of authentic Singaporean & Malaysian sauces, marinades and pastes, but not the usual kind! Their product range is unique, unrivalled in quality and flavours, which is it what makes it the Australian Malaysian! It's the only sauces found fresh and refrigerated. Their products are a testament to their mission; to nourish Australian families with a healthier and sustainable Singaporean and Malaysian food fix into their everyday cooking.  

It all started with a lifelong dream of wanting to share the love of food fed down by generations of cooks in the family. Traditionally whilst packed with flavour and heat, this cuisine can contain ingredients that can be unhealthy. So Nathan and Sutha, with a growing family, wanted to shake things up and revolutionise these recipes to suit a more healthy and sustainable diet.

They ran a number of markets around Sydney to expose their passion for great Asian cuisine, offering nothing short on quality with an Aussie twist. 

From here to there, after lots of demos, they are now producing their signature satay sauce which is stocked in all Harris Farm Markets plus selected stores. They are constantly working on new sauces so stay tuned, follow them on Facebook and stay connected to authentic south-east Asian flavours! 

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