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Here's to a sustainable future!

Our mission is to provide you, our customers, with healthier than usual Malaysian cooking sauces and marinades that you can eat and enjoy without worrying about preservatives, high levels of sugar, oil and salt. Along this journey we have been mindful about the growing impact of sustainability.

As the world around us is driving change towards sustainability we want to share how Satay G is contributing towards this global mission; to preserve and protect our natural environment without compromising on quality and flavour to our customers.

We Choose Glass

Using glass to package our range was the most natural material to deliver the best experience of our fresh flavours. No preservatives, refrigerated fresh, and sustainable, our packaging represents our values. Unlike lots of other cost effective packaging, glass can be recycled and the recycling process requires less energy and preserves raw materials. Glass also preserves flavour and any goodness from our ingredients, especially the uncooked range (lemongrass marinade and more to come!).

We encourage you to join us on this mission to recycle or re-use our Satay G jars to help create and protect our environment.

Made in Australia, Using Australian Ingredients

We pledge our continuing support to homegrown Australian businesses that in turn protect local economies. Although some of our spices are imported, we are constantly on the lookout for home ground alternatives that can be supplied in bulk. Our future goal is to ensure the authentic flavours are captured using ONLY Australian ingredients!

Reusable Ice Packs

If you receive an online delivery from us, you’ll notice we use Super Chill Ice replacement packs designed to maintain our products at refrigerated temperatures for up to 48hours following food safety guidelines. These packs are reusable so stick them in the freezer and use for your next picnic. No wastage!

If you have any questions about our sustainable practices, please feel free to contact us. In the meantime we hope you continue to enjoy what we are creating for you. We have lots of exciting new products coming up, challenging what we eat and how we eat it!

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