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INDO Chicken BBQ - Combine Rendang and Sambal Pastes

Who doesn't love an Aussie Barbie! Oil drizzling onto hot charcoal, various marinades sizzling in the hot fire, and the variety of fresh salads .. : ) mmmm... And different cultures have their own flavours and methods and this diversity itself is amazing to watch (and eat!). One of them is the Balinese Charcoal Chicken, it's the flavours cooked in charcoal that really give it that unique taste. Want to replicate it using fresh ingredients? Easy.

Butterfly the whole chicken

Rub 5 tsps of our Rendang Paste and 4 tsps (more if you can handle the spice) of our Sambal Paste

Marinade for 3 hours in the fridge in a marinade bag or a sealed bowl

BBQ until cooked to your preference or

In the preheated oven (230 degrees celsius) place in cooking tray, foiled, for 30 mins, then take it out, remove the foil, cook for a further 15 mins

Enjoy : )

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